April – Week 3

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23rd April 2017:

  1. China is considering creating a huge new national park on the territory of the entire Tibetan plateau in order to secure “the last piece of pure land.”

  2. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud reportedly appointed his son as the new ambassador to US.

  3. North Korea could attack Australia with nuclear weapons a spokesman of North Korean Foreign Ministry said.

  4. High-ranking diplomats from Japan, South Korea and the United States are expected to hold a trilateral meeting in Tokyo on the issue of North Korean nuclear program and instability in the region.

  5. North Korean authorities arrested a US citizen engaged in humanitarian aid supplies to Pyongyang.

  6. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) allegedly have struck the military base of the Damascus-backed National Defense Forces (NDF) in the Golan Heights, killing three Syrian fighters as a result, local media reported.

  7. Turkish businessmen are taking a great deal of interest in investing in construction, tourism, agricultural and other projects in Crimea.

  8. The Russian Navy is set to receive the biggest nuclear submarine in the world which would even surpass the legendary Typhoon underwater cruisers.

  9. The German weekly newsmagazine Focus has named Russia among the world’s top three most powerful nations. It also went on to explain way Russia’s ground forces are the strongest around.

  10. Pyongyang vowed to sink the USS Carl Vinson in what it described as a “show of military force”.

  11. Ukrainian President held a phone conversation with Rex Tillerson.

  12. Representatives of the Democratic Party seek to remove US President Donald Trump from power, saying the he has “mental health” problems, according to the Hill.

  13. Petro Poroshenko suggested the deployment of a UN peacekeeping mission in the country’s eastern region of Donbass during phone talk with Rex Tillerson.

  14. A US citizen engaged in relief efforts in Pyongyang has been detained attempting to leave North Korea, the third American to be arrested recently.



22nd April 2017:

  1. The Trump administration is considering barring from entering the US immigrants who are victims of terrorism, as some immigration hawks think provisions to help victims could allow extremists to enter the country.

  2. A mission of the International Monetary Fund could return to Greece on April 25-26.

  3. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attended the second annual US-Saudi Arabia CEO Summit in Washington a day after Secretary of Defence James Mattis visited the Gulf country.

  4. A US fighter pilot was forced to eject from his aircraft while on his final approach to land on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson south of the Philippines. The US Navy has not detailed why the pilot had to eject, or exactly when the ejection occurred.

  5. Cuba and Morocco have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations severed in 1980.

  6. Mike Pence said that Donald Trump is confident that China will help resolve the North Korean nuclear issue peacefully.

  7. US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, who has recently taken up an unpaid job as a White House adviser, is increasing the staff with officials from former president George W. Bush’s administration.

  8. Congress Republicans are favouring a radical tax reform, based on revenue neutrality, whilst President Trump is willing to boost budget spending and doesn’t mind adding to the debt, which means the upcoming US fiscal reform will take months of negotiations to commence.

  9. German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has been spying on Interpol since 2000, local media reported.

  10. The United States may prefer to sign a trade agreement with the European Union before reaching the deal with the United Kingdom.

  11. Thousands of migrants and refugees, who arrived in Germany from Afghanistan, may be former members of the Taliban terror group, outlawed in Russia, German media reported.

  12. Chinese investment in Djibouti can turn the smallest country on the African Horn into a Mecca for tourists, according to Osman Abdi Mohamed, managing director of the National Tourism Board.



21st April 2017:

  1. UAE are ready to increase investments in Russia boosting the portfolio of more than 30 projects.

  2. US government is actively identifying potential violators of the Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act and will conduct an interagency review to ensure commitments are met.

  3. North Korean UN mission said that the UN Secretariat should hold a forum of legal experts to discuss the legal grounds for the UN Security Council resolutions on the country.

  4. US President Donald Trump has held a secret meeting with Colombia’s former presidents Alvaro Uribe and Andres Pastrana at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

  5. Russian chemists have created a new method for extracting metals like copper, nickel and molybdenum.

  6. Polish MPs have voted in favour of a controversial proposal to build a canal across the Baltic (Vistula) Strip to allow the country’s ships to enter the port of Elblag without crossing Russian territorial waters. However, the project is mainly believed to serve NATO’s interests.

  7. Russian and Turkish authorities said they want to withdraw mutual restrictions on the supply of agricultural products and are planning to hold a series of consultations in the next two weeks to discuss further steps.

  8. The US House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence has invited five current and former US officials to testify at a May 2 hearing about Russia’s alleged interference in the 2016 election.

  9. Israeli aviation launched a missile attack on Syrian army’s positions in the province of Quneitra bordering Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, a Syrian military source said.

  10. The Berlin prosecutor’s office is carrying out an investigation into the leaking of confidential government documents on German-US spy agencies cooperation published by the WikiLeaks whistleblowing organization in December 2016.

  11. The Pentagon has refused to release the number of fighters killed by their April 13 dropping of a GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) on a Daesh tunnel complex in Nangarhar Province.



20th April 2017:

  1. The largest airline in the Middle East is cutting a fifth of their flights to the United States, citing tougher security measures and the policies of US President Donald Trump.

  2. CIA and FBI are reportedly trying to identify the individual who was involved in the recent breach that allowed WikiLeaks to publish classified CIA documents.

  3. The Russian capital will host on Thursday the first meeting of the Norwegian-Russian Joint Economic Commission since June 2013 in efforts to increase bilateral trade impacted by rounds of sanctions and restrictions from both sides.

  4. Surprisingly, the British economy has defied all the Brexit-related risks to the economy thus far, and the upcoming snap election will have a negligible impact on the economy, which is poised to grow at the second-fastest pace after the US among the advanced nations this year.

  5. The current relationship between India and Russia is as close as it was during Soviet times, when Moscow provided significant assistance to New Delhi.

  6. Kuwait City is to host the next Russia-Kuwait intergovernmental commission in November.

  7. According to Foreign Ministry, South Korea has finished approval procedures to provide land for the US Terminal-High Altitude Area Defense anti-ballistic missile system under its forces hosting agreement with the United States.

  8. Bahrain is in talks with Russia’s Gazprom and Rosneft on the issue of liquefied natural gas supplies.

  9. Belarusian nuclear energy professionals, who have gained invaluable experience from the construction of the first nuclear power plant (NPP) in the country, are ready to continue cooperating with their Russian colleagues on implementing similar projects around the world.

  10. Widening its crackdown on foreign-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the Narendra Modi government banned the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI), India’s largest independent public health organization, from receiving foreign funding.

  11. North Korean state media has warned the US of a “super-mighty pre-emptive strike” if it interferes to try and disrupt North Korea’s nuclear program.

  12. Washington wants to enter bilateral trade deals that ensure US companies have equal access to Asian markets.

  13. Iran’s Press TV television reported that Hasan Rouhani is among the candidates for the presidential election while the candidacy of former hard-line president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has not been approved by the clerical body responsible for vetting the candidates.




19th April 2017:

  1. As a large-scale hunger strike within Israel’s prison system enters its second day, authorities are warning that there will be widespread rallies within the Middle Eastern nation in support of the peaceful protest action, as well as potential riots, though the hunger-strikers have disavowed violence.

  2. George H.W. Bush has been admitted to a hospital in Houston, Texas due to a case of pneumonia.

  3. Donald Trump has directed a National Security Council-led review of Iran nuclear deal. After 90 days, Donald Trump will receive a report on the Iranian nuclear deal and the suspension of sanctions.
  4. Russian Foreign Minister said that Moscow notes recent attempts at provocations similar to this month’s chemical weapons incident in northwestern Syria.

  5. Russian authorities are ready to cooperate with all the warring parties in Libya in order to restore unity in the North African state.

  6. According to the company press release, Wintershall Noordzee B.V., a joint-venture between Dutch Wintershall and Russian energy giant Gazprom has begun oil production using its production platform in the Danish North Sea basin.

  7. The International Court of Justice declined Kiev’s request to introduce provisional measures against Moscow over the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism.

  8. Lebanon’s economy minister expressed hope that the trade with Russia would grow threefold within tow or three years.

  9. Washington is going “to chart a path forward on TTIP negotiations”, according to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

  10. Recent estimates indicate that North Korea has expanded its nuclear arsenal to 30 warheads, and may control enough weapons-grade fissile material to double that number in about three years.

  11. The Chinese navy has tested a host of weapons on one of its new destroyers in the Yellow Sea, which forms North Korea’s western border.

  12. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claims that Iran nuclear deal does not achieve its goal of keeping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

  13. The official in charge of organizing the 2017 Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit has said that US President Donald Trump “verbally” confirmed that he would attend this year’s meeting, which will be held in November in the Philippines.




18th April 2017:

  1. The US Army has ordered the construction of two new bases in South Korea.

  2. The Japanese government is reportedly considering the possibility of deploying the Self-Defense Forces in case of a fall of a North Korean missile in the country’s territorial waters.

  3. Belarus is interested in placing bonds in the Chinese market.

  4. Danish Foreign Minister said that Denmark has prepared a legal case based on the Danish historic right to fish in UK territorial waters and aimed at impeding UK intentions to restore control over the waters after leaving the European Union.

  5. British businesses are under attack. Research has shown that more companies in the UK have been hacked by cybercriminals in the past year than in 2015, and many of these firms have little or no security in place to stop it.

  6. Israel will scrap a deal with a German shipbuilder to buy three submarines if Israeli investigators find evidence of corruption in the case opened earlier this year.

  7. The Western Allies were fully cognisant of the scale of the Nazi Holocaust two and a half years earlier than was officially admitted, newly released and previously classified United Nations documents have revealed – although very little was done to aid, assist or rescue victims despite this awareness.

  8. Washington continues to pursue a deconfliction policy with Russia in Syria but is not coordinating its attacks.

  9. Boris Johnson claims that Damascus “almost certainly” carried out the suspected chemical attack in the Idlib province.

  10. The US Air Force flew two F-22 stealth fighter planes and an E-3 early warning jet near the state of Alaska after two Russian strategic bombers were seen about 100 miles from Kodiak Island, according to Fox News.

  11. Italy’s main opposition force calls for scrapping anti-Russia sanctions and reopening the giant market for European goods.

  12. The level of terrorist threats to the United States is higher than before the September 11 attacks, the secretary of homeland security said.

  13. Environmental Protection Agency employees wanted to create a network of whistleblowers willing to expose anything unlawful by Donald Trump’s appointees, an advocacy group said.

  14. Kurds in Syria’s Raqqa province reportedly set up a civilian assembly that will govern the region after the ouster of Islamists.

  15. Donald Trump said that his administration was going to find a solution to Canada’s unfair trade deals that hurt American farmers.





17th April 2017:

  1. Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the leader of Turkish opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), claimed that admission of ballots without stamps make the results of the Turkish referendum on the constitutional amendments questionable, as have 51.4 percent of votes of those counted were in favor of the changes.

  2. Serbia is looking to purchase two divisions of Russian S-300 anti-air systems. Belgrade may make the buy from either Russia or from Belarus.

  3. The government of Japan provides for the possibility of an influx of refugees in the event of an emergency on the Korean Peninsula.

  4. South Korea is completing the development of its low-tier M-SAM missile defense system, which is due to be put into service within the next few years.

  5. South Korea and the United States intend to implement punitive measures against North Korea in case of future provocations.

  6. The representatives of Russia, the Unites States and the United Nations will meet in Geneva on April 24 for trilateral talks on Syria.

  7. The Turkish opposition plans to appeal the results of the constitutional amendments referendum with the country’s constitutional court or the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) if needed.

  8. US Africa Command said in a release that US military did not conduct any counterterrorism strikes in southwest Somalia on April 14 contrary to what the media has reported.

  9. The chances are growing that Northern Ireland may return to a direct rule from London if the deadlock on a power-sharing deal continues.

  10. Iranian-Russian trade relations are set to rise further this year after increasing almost twofold in 2016.

  11. Russian specialists have developed technical proposals for the creation of a small-size nuclear facility that completely rules out the possibility of an uncontrolled nuclear chain reaction like the one that led to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

  12. Following three explosions near a tour bus carrying players for the Borussia Dortmund football team, investigators have revealed that materials used in the bombs are likely to have been acquired from the German armed forces.