Week 4

29th October 2016:

  1. According to a document distributed by Russia’s permanent mission to the UN’s Geneva office, the US-led coalition has attacked civilian infrastructure since October 2015, leading to mass casualties
  2. The Warsaw Government is setting itself further down the path a bruising encounter with the European Union as it fails to meet the end-of-October deadline for amending its constitutional court changes, as demanded by Brussels, and is now facing further sanctions over fiscal policy breaches
  3. The Russian Defense Ministry has released drone images clearly showing that neither Russian aircraft nor Syrian warplanes could have inflicted damage to a school located in the Syrian town of Haas, the Idlib province, in an attack on October 26 that left at least 22 children and six teachers killed
  4. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has reopened probe into the use of private email server by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Congressman Jason Chaffetz announced
  5. Russia failed to be re-elected to the UN Human Rights Council at a General Assembly meeting that voted for 14 new members
  6. According to the State Department deputy spokesperson, the agreement negotiated by the United States and Russia to remove chemical weapons components from Syria was more effective than US airstrikes would have been at destroying them
  7. US Vice President Joe Biden said he has no interest in serving in the cabinet of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton should she win the 2016 presidential elections
  8. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has threatened to jail representatives of the country’s opposition who were attempting to impeach him
  9. Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has declared over $1 million in cash, with an annual salary of $3,000, according to the electronic declaration, which was announced on the site of the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption
  10. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said that his country was in favour of the enlargement of the EU sanctions against 10 individuals with alleged links to the Syrian authorities, who are said to be responsible for the repression against civilians
  11. The Russian reconciliation center in Syria said it had delivered more than seven metric tons (7.7 US tons) of humanitarian aid to civilians in the country within the framework of six humanitarian operations in the last 24 hours
  12. The Syrian Arab Army, assisted by Russia, Iran and local allies, needs to free rebel-held areas of Aleppo before the next US president moves into the White House on January 20, 2017, analyst Gevorg Mirzayan wrote saying that Moscow has to secure an “impressive victory” in the key Syrian city while there is still time


28th October 2016:

  1. Campaign group Digital Rights Ireland has launched a legal challenge against the European Commission over the Privacy Shield data sharing agreement, which is designed to protect the personal data of EU citizens held on US computers from being snooped on by US spy agencies
  2. The US government has arrested 20 people and charged 32 others in connection with an international call center scam responsible for stealing $250 million from 15,000 people, the Department of Justice said in a press release on Thursday.
  3. The 2013 Boston Marathon bombings could have been prevented if the United States had trusted Russian intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin said
  4. Mosul residents have been caught between the devil and the deep blue sea following the beginning of the US-led coalition’s military operation against Daesh in Iraq. UN human rights organizations warn that the situation may turn into a “displacement catastrophe
  5. The Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton forced the Ecuadorian embassy to cut off his Internet access after materials related to the US election campaign were released
  6. Acting prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy lost the first round of parliamentary voting to secure his status after a nearly year-long deadlock
  7. Former Finnish President Tarja Halonen expressed hope Thursday to enhance cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to make the future world more secure
  8. Reports are coming out that electronic voting machines in the US state of Texas have been “flipping” to register votes for Republican nominee Donald Trump as being recorded instead for rival Hillary Clinton
  9. Tamim al-Shami, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Yemen, said that the country does not have enough baby food due to the military operations of the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen
  10. If Daesh is defeated in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the terrorist group will likely go underground, enabling its old insurgent techniques, RAND think tank analysts warn, highlighting the importance of analyzing Daesh and al-Qaeda in Iraq’s previous schemes to ultimately defeat the terrorists
  11. The Russian, German, French and Ukrainian foreign ministers could meet late next month or early the following month to discuss a peace settlement road map in eastern Ukraine
  12. Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides will pay a working visit to Moscow on October 31, the Russian Foreign Ministry
  13. The Israeli Embassy in London is decrying an event held Tuesday night by the British Parliament’s House of Lords, in which speakers implicitly blamed Jewish people for the Holocaust and said that Zionists exercise undue influence over parliament
  14. US Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not wise by speaking insultingly about Russian President Vladimir Putin, Republican nominee Donald Trump told a rally in Springfield, Ohio
  15. The Affordable Care Act, US President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, has turned into a “catastrophic” program for Americans seeking medical insurance, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said
  16. The United Nations’ joint investigative mechanism (JIM) on chemical weapons in Syria should be expanded to cover anti-terrorism efforts and regional security if its mandate is extended, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters following a UN Security Council meeting
  17. Bolivian President Evo Morales called the Venezuelan parliament voting to begin impeachment proceedings against the country’s president a coup
  18. Ukrainian and Turkish Presidents, Petro Poroshenko and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, respectively, agreed to intensify negotiations on creation of a free trade zone between the countries, the Ukrainian presidency said
  19. The European Union and 24 countries reached on Friday an agreement to create the world’s largest marine park in the Southern Ocean, providing protection to 1.5 million square kilometers (0.6 million square miles) of the Ross sea around Antarctica


27th October 2016:

  1. UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon should provide more information on the training of Syrian moderate opposition fighters by British troops, Amnesty International UK’s Syria Campaign Manager Kristyan Benedict said in a statemen
  2. Ankara will not abandon its “brothers Turkmens in Tal Afar” in Iraq if their well-being is jeopardized, the Turkish foreign minister said.
  3. More than 10,000 people gathered in Hong Kong on Wednesday as pro-democracy candidates claimed seats in the region’s Legislative Council
  4. The battles for Aleppo and Mosul will trigger a new flow of refugees, brain drain, ethnic and cultural conflicts, Austria’s former chancellor said
  5. Russia has withdrawn its request to Spain for entry of a group of its warships, heading to Syria, for refueling
  6. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair sidelined discussion over compensation for the victims of attacks of terror attacks by the IRA, using Semtex and weapons supplied by Libya, when brokering a controversial “new relationship” with Colonel Gaddafi in 2003, it has been revealed
  7. The coordination of the last two preconditions preventing the European Union from signing the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada is at the final stage between Belgium’s federal and regional authorities, local media reported
  8. 84 percent of Russians approved Russian President Vladimir Putin’s job, according to the recent poll
  9. The US-led coalition intends to recruit more Syrian fighters for the upcoming offensive on Daesh-held Raqqa
  10. The draft resolution on ending US economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba received 191 votes in the UN General Assembly
  11. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was speaking to representatives of the Association of European Businesses in Moscow and explained how Western countries have absolutely contradictory approaches to virtually identical problems in Yemen and Ukraine
  12. The United Nations did not adequately execute evacuations of ill and injured people from Syria’s eastern Aleppo during the humanitarian pause there, Russian Envoy to UN Vitaly Churkin said during a UN Security Council meeting
  13. Indian and Russian defense delegations discussed joint defense projects and defense issues of mutual interest, in particular, the Sukhoi/HAL Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) and the upgrade of the Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter, the sources at the Indian Defense Ministry said
  14. The population of vertebrate animals fell by more than half in the 42-year period between 1970 and 2012, the World Wildlife Fund said in its biannual Living Planet report
  15. Japanese businesses are planning to invest in development of the export infrastructure of Russia’s Primorye in the Far East, the region’s administration said

26th October 2016:

  1. Tehran is waiting for Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s visit in 2016, the Iranian ambassador to Russia said.
  2. Over the last six days the international human rights experts in Iraq have received several reports of killing of dozens of civilians, including women and children, in different villages near Mosul, according to Rupert Colville, a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
  3. US air forces hit five Daesh fighting positions near the Libyan city of Sirte, according to US Africa Command (AFRICOM).
  4. Accusations that Russia is conducting airstrikes on non-military facilities in Syria have turned out to be fake, the head of the Russian General Staff said Tuesday.
  5. A US warplane hit a girls’ school in the south of the Iraqi city of Mosul on October 21, the Russian General Staff’s chief said Tuesday.
  6. Militants Shelled Aleppo 52 Times in 3 Days, Killing 14 – Russian General Staff – Residential districts were shelled by militants with mortars and rocket systems.
  7. The moratorium on Russian and Syrian airstrikes in the 10-kilometre radius (6.2 mile radius) around Aleppo, effective since October 18, will be extended, the Russian General Staff said Tuesday.
  8. Germany will recognize Crimea as part of Russia and immediately lift anti-Russia sanctions once the Die Linke party wins parliamentary elections, the party’s member said.
  9. The Iranian oil minister may meet the Russian energy minister on November 30 in Vienna during the OPEC talks, Tehran’s ambassador said.
  10. UK Not to Arm Syria Opposition as Part of US Train, Equip Program. London will not arm Syrian opposition fighters whom it will train, a source in the Defence Ministry said.
  11. Venezuela’s opposition-dominated parliament has ruled to begin the process of impeachment of President Nicholas Maduro. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused on Tuesday the country’s opposition of trying to carry out a “parliamentary coup” and vowed to prevent it.
  12. Russia’s Western Military District has received another dozen brand new Typhoon-K mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) assault vehicles. Commenting on the delivery, independent military analyst Sergei Cherkasov suggested that the new vehicle is perfectly suited for the fight against terrorists.
  13. On Monday a top-ranking US Air Force official announced that a small enemy drone controlled by Daesh had been downed by an electronic weapon. The weaponized unmanned craft was responsible for the death of four civilians.
  14. The US-led anti-Daesh coalition does not actually seek to eliminate the terrorist threat in Iraq or Syria, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday.
  15. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez arrived in New York City on Tuesday for the UN General Assembly’s vote the following day on the US blockade of Cuba, the Cuban Embassy in the United States said in a message via Twitter.
  16. RussiaTALK Investment Forum organized by the Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) will take place in Moscow on Wednesday.
  17. Vladimir Putin will speak at the All-Russia People’s Front forum in Crimea on Wednesday.
  18. The Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development “Open Innovations” annual event on new technologies and innovation cooperation will take place in the Russian capital on October 26-28.
  19. According to reports, Secret audio tape of UK Prime Minister’s speech a month before the Brexit vote revealed her warnings about the importance of the country’s EU membership in terms of economy.
  20. Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) proposed on Wednesday to extend prime minister’s time in office by three years, local media reported.


25th October 2016:

  1. The Indian Air Force is set to become the first to possess a cruise missile capable of breaking the sound barrier, with the successful integration of its Brahmos rockets with Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft.
  2. The recent talks between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the heads of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were “frustrating,” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should not undermine the United Kingdom’s negotiating position on Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokeswoman said.
  3. Mowaffak Rubaie, an Iraqi lawmaker and former national security adviser, stated that the Iraqi army task for the operation to liberate Mosul will be to safeguard the borders, prevent terrorists from neighbouring countries from entering, as well as to clear rural areas from terrorists.
  4. A Saudi-led coalition has resumed its airstrikes around the Yemeni capital Sanaa on Sunday, just hours after a 72-hour cease-fire expired. Professor Martha Mundy, a specialist in the anthropology of the Arab World claimed that besides the airstrikes, Saudi Arabia is waging “clear economic war” on the country.
  5. 76 percent of Americans who expressed a “great deal of respect” for police is significantly higher now than in any measurement taken since the 1990s and just one point below the high recorded 49 years ago, according to a recent poll.
  6. Female Kurdish Peshmerga units are taking part in the ground offensive to liberate Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul from Daesh jihadists, which has been recently launched by the Iraqi armed forces and Kurdish Peshmerga forces.
  7. Claims are being made that the plans to allow China to build another new nuclear power station in the UK will “evaporate” in the wake of the predicted failure to bring online its next one – built by France and financed by China – because of financial and technology issues.
  8. Britain’s Home Office has halted the resettlement of migrants from France’s refugee camp in Calais following a request from the French authorities.
  9. Controversial journalist James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released new material, which he had promised would directly implicate US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
  10. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic hopes that the relations between the European Union and Russia would normalize soon, his press service said in a statement on Monday.
  11. Several media websites in Belgium were attacked by hackers, calling themselves the Syrian Cyber Army, in response to a lack of coverage of Belgium’s alleged involvement in airstrikes near Aleppo, local media reported.
  12. Major banks announced that the first ever cross-border blockchain transaction has taken place, between the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and California-based Wells Fargo, for a shipment of cotton sent from the United States to China.
  13. As Election Day in the United States draws closer, fears of voter fraud continue to plague the process. Adding to these concerns is the fact a number of states will use voting machines that some assert could be under the influence of billionaire George Soros.
  14. The Libyan Presidency Council (PC) has decided to hold consultative sessions for forming the new government in the city of Ghadames on the border with Algeria after it failed to meet in Tripoli.
  15. Pope Francis granted an audience to Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro late on Monday in Vatican and called on him to pursue the path of dialogue with the opposition parliament, the Holy See press office said.
  16. According to reports, European Stability Mechanism approved on Tuesday the disbursement of a 2.8-billion ($3 billion) tranche to Greece.
  17. The UK Electoral Commission concluded that the Labour party’s spending return was incomplete, as it was missing 74 payments totalling £123,748, along with 33 separate invoices totalling £34,392, according to an official statement.


24th October 2016:

  1. Russia has started the development and engineering of a unified satellite communication system for military use; when completed the system will give the country’s Ground Forces considerable superiority over the communication technologies of the ground forces of leading foreign states, according to Gen. Maj. Alexander Galgash.
  2. Binali Yıldırım, Prime Minister of Turkey and the leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) said that the draft of the new Turkey’s constitution is ready for parliamentary approval.
  3. Daesh forces have executed 284 people in Mosul, including dozens of children, as they fight to keep their grip on the city.
  4. Kurdish units had accomplished their goals of the military operation in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.
  5. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that Turkish artillery and tanks are supporting the northern Iraqi Kurdish forces Peshmerga in the operation to liberate the Iraqi settlement of Bashiqa from the Daesh terrorist group.
  6. The EU will establish a visa-free regime with Ukraine before November 24, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Sunday and according to the Ukrainian President, Ukraine allegedly does not have any secret agreements with western countries on implementation of the Minsk accords.
  7. Ellen Margrethe Loj, head of UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan said she would step down in late November.
  8. An earthquake measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale occurred on Sunday near the Kuril Islands, the US Geological Survey reported.
  9. New Report: US Ranks Below Costa Rica, Spain on Youth Development Index. One might have thought the world’s former top economy would offer a perfect place to live, especially for the young, creative and full-of-energy. Turns out that’s far from being true, at least according to a recent Commonwealth report.
  10. Military attaches from 35 countries have opened the visit to Sakhalin island in Russia’s Far East.
  11. The so-called Deputy Wali of Mosul has been killed by an Iraqi air strike on Tel Keppe, an Iraqi town north of Mosul, according to media reports.
  12. South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye announced Monday plans to amend the constitution, local media reported Monday.
  13. According to local media reports, the majority of South Korea’s political parties have supported President Park Geun-hye’s proposal to revise the constitution.
  14. Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak is going to take part in the Russia-OPEC Energy Dialogue that will take place in Vienna on Monday.
  15. Foreign tourism continues to thrive in Russia, with Moscow and St. Petersburg remaining the destinations of choice for most foreign travelers, according to RIA Novosti.
  16. According to media reports, United Kingdom and Japan are set to start on Monday their first-ever joint air drills aimed to strengthen security ties between the two countries.